Copenhagen 2008

Effective electoral procurement

The UNDP Procurement Support Office’s Advisory Team on Elections, of which members are part of the EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance, organised a three-day workshop on Electoral Procurement, first of its kind, in Copenhagen, from 29-31 October 2008, for those countries where UNDP currently is or soon will be involved in election-related procurement support.

There was wide participation from a number of UNDP country offices, in addition to electoral management bodies and international organisations active in the field of elections such as EC, IFES, International IDEA and IOM representing an overall participation from 23 different countries and from 5 different international organizations.

The workshop generated a variety of good discussions on UNDP practices, procurement and financial rules and enriched knowledge sharing across people working in the field of elections.

A number of good lessons learned were recognized and one of the new initiatives is a Community of Practice for Electoral Procurement, which is in the process of being established.

This practice group will share all information relevant to electoral procurement; hereunder procurement and milestone planning, TORs for commonly procured electoral items, LTAs available in the field of elections, election budget templates etc.

Below you can download the power point presentations used by the presenters during the training as well as other supporting documents.