EC-UNDP Joint Task Force
on Electoral Assistance


have partnered in more than 50 countries and nearly 200 projects to provide technical assistance in the field of elections.

Jointly, we strive to provide effective and sustainable support to establish and reinforce democratic institutions and processes world-wide.

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electoral assistance projects on which EU-UNDP have jointly worked
countries in which the EU and UNDP have provided joint electoral assistance

billion € allocated by the EU towards joint electoral assistance projects

Where we currently work

ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Capacity Building Project (ZIM-ECO) EU Contribution: €5,590,000 Start: 01.09.16 / End: 30.08.20 (click to visit project website) TUNISIA Tunisian Electoral Assistance Project (TEAP) EU Contribution: €2.000.000 Start: 01.07.19 / End: 30.06.21 SOMALIA UNDP/UNSOM Joint Programme for the Support to the Electoral Process in the Federal Republic of Somalia EU Contribution: €4,300,000 Start: 21.11.15 / End: 31.12.2019 (click to visit project website) NEPAL Electoral Support Project-Institutional Strengthening and Professional Development Support for the Election Commission of Nepal (ESP) EU Contribution: €1,005,000 Start: 12.01.12 / End: 28.06.20 (click to visit project website) MALAWI Support to the 2015-2017 Electoral Cycle EU Contribution: €5,250,000 Start: 23.06.15 / End: 10.04.2020 (click to visit project website) LIBYA Promoting Elections for the People of Lybia (PEPOL) EU Contribution: €5.000.000 Start: 01.11.17 / End: 01.11.20 (click to visit project website) LIBERIA Support to the Liberian Electoral Cycle EU Contribution: €10,000,000 Start: 01.06.15 / End: 31.05.19 (click to visit project website) LEBANON Support to Electoral Reform and Democratic Participation in Lebanon EU Contribution: € 3,000,000.00 Start: 01.01.20 / End: 31.12.23 (click to visit project website) CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Projet d'Appui au Processus électoral en République Centrafricaine(PAPEC 2019-2022) EU Contribution: €15,000,000 Start: 09.19 / End: 12.21 AFGHANISTAN UN Electoral Support Project (UNESP) EU Contribution: €15,500,000 Start: 29.12.15 / End: 31.12.19

What we do

  • Assisting UNDP Country Offices and EU Delegations in formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as in drafting of the narrative and financial reporting.
  • Establishing and maintaining dedicated websites for all EC-UNDP joint electoral assistance projects, and organizing kick-off trainings at the inception of each project.
  • Organizing high-level conferences, workshops and trainings on election-related issues in order to share best practices and lessons learnt.
  • Producing several publications and e-learnings on elections.
  • Serving as an early warning mechanism for the partnership, maintaining close contacts with the EU Delegations, UNDP Country Offices, regional hubs and headquarters to identify any potential issues and addressing them as early and effectively as possible.
“Our colleagues from UNDP are doing really a great job so that everything is in place for the election day” Piotr Switalski, Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia (on the parliamentary elections in Armenia)

“The friends of Guinea, especially UNDP and the partners […] spare no efforts for democracy”
Adboulaye Koman,
Acting chairman of the Court of First Instance,