Brussels 2009

Use of information and communication technologies in electoral processes

The first 3 day EC-UNDP-IDEA Joint Thematic Workshop on The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Electoral Processes took place in the European Commission Headquarters, Berlaymont Building, salle Walter Hallstein in Brussels from 30th November until 2nd December 2009.

Built on the content, structure and experiences of previous learning events, the EC-UNDP Joint Task Force and International IDEA, with the support of the International Organization of Migration (IOM), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Organization of American States (OAS) and Government of Spain, delivered the workshop.

The workshop targeted staff members of appointed persons from the EC, UNDP, IDEA. CIDA, IOM, EU Member States, other donor agencies, regional/international organizations as well as members of election management bodies. Owing to the specific thematic area, the organizers targeted staff in countries that has worked with issues related to the introduction/use of ICTs in voter registration processes over the last five years in the context of UNDP managed projects with contributions from EC. Persons outside the targeted audience needed to be seconded through their respective organizations/institutions and/or EU Member States.

The 60 appointed participants was provided with:

  • an overview of option and models available for introducing technology in an electoral process;
  • a comparative review of ICTs use in Civil and Voter Registration, especially focusing on the sustainability and effective use of biometrics-recognition systems in the voter registration activities;
  • analyze possible synergies between civil registration and voter registration, census and other statistical services;
  • a Discussion of the main operational problems in the identification, formulation and implementing phases of EC-UNDP support to civil and voter registration.

The workshop discussed and validated the upcoming JTF Operational Paper/ACE Focus on “Procurement Aspects of Introducing ICT solutions in Electoral Processes: The Specific Case of Voter Registration and Electronic Voting”. The workshop also discussed the first findings of the upcoming Joint EC UNDP Task Force/International IDEA Handbook for: “The Use of Information & Communication Technologies in electoral processes; focus on civil & voter registration and data transmission” focusing on case studies from Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Three weeks before arrival (9th November) the participants received access to the “Training Manual and eLearning Course on Effective Electoral Assistance” so that the main foundations issues of effective electoral assistance were dealt with the manual and eLearning.

One week prior to arrival (23rd November) the participants received the above mentioned operational paper on “Procurement Aspects of Introducing ICT solutions in Electoral Processes: The Specific Case of Voter Registration”.

The workshop and the related materials was free of charge but participants were expected to cover for expenditures related to travel, accommodation etc.

Below you can download the power point presentations used by the presenters during the training as well as other supporting documents


Moderator: Fabio Bargiacchi and Eugene Owusu

Moderator: Angela Bargellini and Deryck Fritz

Moderator: Mario Rui Queiro and Eric Opoku

  • 3.1 Data Transmission via Cost Effective Satellite Communications

    he SATELECTIONS PILOT PROJECT – Francesco Feliciani, Head of Satellite Communications Applications Sector, European Space Agency
  • 3.2 Internet Applications to Increase Political Financial Disclosure Transparency

    Marcin P. Walecki, Executive Director, European Partnership for Democracy
  • 3.3 Operational Planning and Budgeting of Biometric Voter Registration

    Anne-Sofie Holm, Electoral Operations & Procurement Advisor, UNDP Procurement Support Office and Dunia Ramazani, ICT Election Specialist, Joint EC-UNDP Task Force on Electoral Assistance
  • 3.4 Procurement issues of Biometric Voter Registration. The cases of DRC, Conakry, Zambia

    Victor Margall von Hegyeshalmy, Procurement Analyst, UNDP Procurement Support Office and Dunia Ramazani, ICT Election Specialist, Joint EC-UNDP Task Force on Electoral Assistance
  • 3.5 Working Groups: Feedback on the JTF Operational Paper/ACE Focus On “Procurement Aspects of Introducing ICT Solutions in Electoral Processes: The Specific Case of Voter Registration”

  • 3.6 Recommendations and Comments on the Workshop

    Fabio Bargiacchi, Coordinator, Joint EC-UNDP Task Force on Electoral Assistance – Mario Rui Queiro, Quality Manager Officer, Human Rights and Gender Unit, EuropeAid, EC
  • 3.7 Closing

    Dominique Dellicour, Head of Unit, Governance, Security, Human Rights and Gender, Directorate for Quality Support, EuropeAid – Pierre Harze, Deputy Director, UNDP Brussels – Apollinaire Malu Malu, President of the Independent Electoral Commission of DRC and President of the SADC Electoral Commission Forum