The EU makes a new contribution of over one million dollars for electoral support in Madagascar

On 22 November 2018, the European Union formalised its second contribution to the basket fund of the Electoral Cycle Support Project of Madagascar (SACEM), for the organization of credible, transparent, peaceful and inclusive elections in the country. His Excellency, Giovanni Di Girolamo, Ambassador of the European Union in Madagascar, and Mrs. Violette Kakyomya, Resident Representative of UNDP, proceeded to sign this new financing agreement within the premises of the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) of Nanisana, in presence of its President, Master Hery Rakotomanana. With this contribution of $ 1,287,770 adding to $ 1,777,251 already committed to SACEM in July 2018, total contribution of the European Union to the project will increase to more than $ 3 million dollars.

This second contribution, funded under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP), will support concrete solutions to the challenges posed by certain provisions in the new legal framework, such as organisation of the second round of the presidential elections within a short deadline, the separation of the second round of the presidential election from the parliamentary elections, the increase in the number of polling stations by nearly 29%, and the implementation of the results transmission system using VSAT technology.

The Ambassador of the European Union in Madagascar, Giovanni Di Girolamo, declared during the ceremony:

“With this contribution, the European Union reaffirms its support for the holding of credible, transparent and inclusive elections in line with the Constitution, as well as its commitment to strengthening democracy in Madagascar. The 2018 elections represent an important step in this process. “

L’Union Européenne apporte une seconde contribution au processus électoral de Madagascar

The President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Mr. Hery Rakotomanana thanked the European Union and the Ambassador for this additional support at a key moment, only a few weeks before the second round of the presidential election. The UNDP Resident Representative, Mrs. Violette Kakyomya, also expressed her appreciation to the European Union for this important and timely contribution: The United Nations once again expresses its gratitude to the European Union for this gesture of confidence and your unwavering willingness to make these elections a model of transparency and credibility. All that is left now is to hope that the efforts deployed since the last year will lead to a successful outcome we all hope for: peaceful elections and the result which is accepted by all at the end of the process.


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