A workshop on voter awareness in Solomon Islands

On 23-25 January 2019, a three-day workshop was organised in Honiara continued to build knowledge of civil society organisations (CSOs) partners on face-to-face voter awareness related issues and monitoring of activities and results reporting.

The workshop was attended by 23 participants (12 women) from 8 CSOs. The focus was to review the awareness activities on voter registration during the first grant period and document lessons for updating future interventions. The agenda included discussions on upcoming planned activities which will now be focused on nomination, electoral campaign, polling and electoral offences. To ensure coherence with the communication strategy of the Electoral Office, Senior Voter Awareness Officer facilitated sessions on voter information, electoral materials and trained participants in some of the changes brought by the adoption of the new Electoral Act. Representatives of the new partnering CSOs and Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) also attended this workshop.


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