Central African Republic: awareness-raising and sensitization caravans on voter registration in the streets of Bangui

Bangui, 23 July 2020. The PAPEC organised a large awareness-raising and information campaign through a street caravan on voter registration following the 7-day extension of registration in Bangui. The caravan, led by the Association of Women Artists in the Central African Republic (Association des Femmes Artistes en Centrafrique) travelled on 23 July through two of the eight districts of the city of Bangui: the 8th, Balabala Miombé and the 4th, Balabala Usio, with 95,000 and 117,000 inhabitants respectively.


This caravan aimed to inform and sensitize the population encouraging them to take advantage of this extension and register massively on the electoral rolls. Various communication media were used by the animators, namely banners, caps, polo shirts, on which one could read: “Elections 2020-2021 : Extension of registration on the electoral roll until Monday 27 July. “The banners and polo shirts carried the flags and/or logos of the various donors contributing to the basket fund, including the European Union, Japan, France and UNDP.

The animation was mainly done in the national language Sango although French was used a few times. The messages focused on the importance to participate in the political processes in one’s country and informed about who may be eligible to be registered as a voter, what documents should be provided to register and what alternative exists for citizens without civil status documents, the arrangements made to better accommodate women and the elderly in the Registration Centres, and the COVID-19 prevention measures put in place in each centre, etc.  From time to time, the caravan observed stops during which the 6 animators exchanged with the population and distributed gadgets and other communication materials on the elections.

This caravan was the third initiated by PAPEC in support of the mobilization efforts of the National Elections Authority (ANE). On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 July, two other sensitization caravans had driven all over the areas of Boali (Ombella MPoko Prefecture) and Mbaiki (Lobaye Prefecture) respectively.


The PAPEC is implemented by UNDP, to support the ANE and the Central African Government in the preparation and organisation of the 2019-2022 electoral cycle. This project is financed by the European Union and France, with a European Union contribution of US$16,171,900 to the Basket Fund, while Japan is providing substantial support of US$2.3 million through a complementary project.



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