Liberia organizes a two-day refresher training workshop for the NEC’s Hearing Clerks and Hearing Officers

EC-UNPD JTF - Liberia organizes a two-day refresher training workshop for the NEC’s Hearing Clerks and Hearing Officers

Press Release,19 December 2017
As preparations resume for the runoff presidential election on 26 December 2017, 44 magistrate-level hearing officers and clerks, are participating in refresher training and a review of cases related to the 10 October 2017 election. The event is supported by the partnership between the National Elections Commission, United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Sweden, Ireland and Canada through the election support project with a fund of USD 16 million.
This training is a crucial aspect of support to the complaints and appeals process for the elections. Participants used the experience of the complaints received related to the 10 October 2017 election to further strengthen the handling of complaints. These officers and clerks have primary responsibility for election-related complaints throughout Liberia.
The right to submit a complaint and appeal against decisions are crucial elements of an electoral process. Political parties in Liberia are committed to peaceful resolution of electoral disputes using the legal framework that has been reiterated in the Ganta Declaration and Farmington River Declaration prior to the election campaign starting in July 2017.
The training is part of the National Elections Commission’s commitment to ensure complaints and appeals are concluded expeditiously and in a transparent and consistent manner.
The project to support the electoral process in Liberia aims to strengthen the capacity of the National Election Commission (NEC) to successfully carry out electoral processes within the electoral cycle 2015-2018. Key in this regard is the preparation and conduct of the Presidential and General elections scheduled for 10th October 2017. Among other specific objectives, it introduces modern administrative systems and procedures, enhance its communications and public outreach, support voter registration ahead of the elections. In addition, the project seeks to enhance the participation of women in the elections and in political activities, support civic and voter education and strengthen NEC’s capacity to engage with the stakeholders and resolve electoral disputes.


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