Electoral Commission in Guinea is planning electoral operations for upcoming local elections

EC-UNPD JTF - Electoral Commission in Guinea is planning electoral operations for upcoming local elections

On 23 September 2017, CENI organized a planning workshop on electoral operations ahead of the local elections in Guinea.
The opening of the workshop has been attended by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, the President of the CENI, representatives of political parties, representatives of civil society organisations (CSOs), CENI Commissioners and representatives from national and international institutions in Guinea.
During the opening ceremony, the president of the CENI, Mr. Amadou Salif Kébé highlighted the importance of mutual trust and collaboration between partners in the organization of free and transparent elections. The president said: “One of the core principles in the organization of free and transparent elections relies on mutual trust and on the continued collaboration between Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and all electoral stakeholders. Whatever the competences members of an EMB may have, they will not reach their target unless they involve key electoral actors.”
Attended by all key electoral stakeholders, the workshop focused on the following points:
– Legal challenges and constraints linked to the organizational framework of the local elections;
– Logistic and security challenges of the local elections;
– Challenges and constraints related to the institutional communication, as well as participation
in local elections;
– Challenges related to the capacity-building of stakeholders and election administrators;
– The role and responsibilities of territorial administrators in the organization of local elections;
– The presentation of the draft electoral calendar of the local elections.
This three-day workshop aimed at creating and reinforcing a peaceful environment for the organization of the elections between all involved electoral stakeholders. In terms of results, challenges have been shared and discussed among stakeholders, and propositions and mitigation measures for each category of challenge have been formulated during the workshop.
At the end of the training, and considering the different steps outlined in the electoral calendar, the CENI announced that the next local elections will take place on 4 February 2018.
The Support to the Electoral Cycle in Guinea Project aims at providing assistance in strengthening organizational, technical, financial and operational capacities of key Guinean stakeholders involved in the 2015-2017 electoral process.
The project’s activities intend to allow the conduct of a credible, inclusive and appeased electoral process, in accordance with international standards, by providing support to electoral operations, civic education and communication, and by building national capacities in electoral processes management.
The project is funded by the European Union, UNDP, Japan and France.


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