EU expresses hopes on upcoming elections in Armenia

EC-UNDP JTF - EU expresses hopes on upcoming elections in Armenia

On 30 March 2017, the EU Delegation in Armenia issued a press release expressing hope that the 2 April parliamentary election will lead to a peaceful outcome and urged all parties participating in elections “to abide by the letter and spirit of Armenia’s electoral law”.
The Delegation also praised the Government of Armenia for its commitment to the joint EU/UNDP project designed to introduce voter authentication equipment as a way to diminish voter fraud, as well as UNDP “for its effective implementation of the project within a severely constrained timeline.”
Read the full text of the press release.
The UNDP project “Support to the Electoral Process in Armenia (SEPA)” is designed to deliver effective electoral assistance for the implementation of the new provision of the Electoral Code adopted in June 2016 introducing electronic voter authentication within the electoral process in Armenia. Funded by the European Union (EU), USAID, the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the overall objective of the SEPA project is to support the electoral process in line with the government’s commitment to organize credible and inclusive elections.


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