Supporting Women’s Political Participation in Lebanon

EC-UNDP JTF - Supporting Women’s Political Participation in Lebanon

The UNDP’s Lebanese Elections Assistance Project (LEAP), funded by the EU and in partnership with “Women in Front”, held training sessions to encourage women to participate in the political life as candidates and run for the upcoming parliamentary elections. The sessions were delivered in eight different regions across Lebanon between 20 January and 18 February, 2017 and focused on the following subjects:

  • General information on the gender quota and temporary special measures (TSM);
  • Running for parliamentary elections: documents required and legal timeframe;
  • Developing a successful electoral campaign;
  • Building alliances and networking.


More than 340 women, representing different backgrounds, political parties and CSOs, participated in these sessions that took place in Akkar, Tripoli, Beirut, Nabatieh, Baalbak, Zahle, Zouk Mikael and Aley
In an interactive and dynamic approach, LEAP team presented a general overview on quota and TSMs, Lebanon’s status in terms of women participation in politics, quota controversies and the legal timeframe for the upcoming parliamentary elections. During the sessions, several attendees have expressed their interest in running for the upcoming elections and have shared their electoral programs.
For more information, please visit UNDP in Lebanon website
Or go to UNDP LEAP webpage.


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