In Armenia, women’s involvement in politics remains a challenge despite some positive achievements. Yet, initiatives at the local level are inspiring. They tell us about women of all ages and backgrounds who engage in the political life of their communities to address not only women-related issues, but rather much wider social, local and community challenges.

In this article, three women are redrawing the borders of tradition in their regions by standing up and taking the lead in their communities. Being active members of their communities, participating in the local elections, raising awareness about political participation of the young people and women, they are challenging the established norms and attempting to shatter the glass ceiling.

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Working hand in hand, the EU and UNDP are implementing a project “Support to the Electoral Process in Armenia (SEPA)”, and as always mainstream gender equality dimension across all its activities.

In addition, the JTF is currently finalizing a handbook for Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) on youth participation in elections, which outlines both the challenges and potential solutions for the young women as they enter political life in their communities. This free publication will soon be available for download on our website.