2016 ec-undp electoral assistance seminar

Gathering of EU Delegations and UNDP Country Offices in Brussels

On 10 and 11 November 2016 the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Electoral Assistance organized a two-day seminar on Electoral Assistance for the staff of UNDP Country Offices (CO) and EU Delegations (EUD) from 23 countries in Brussels.

As the EC-UNDP Guidelines on Electoral Assistance have been recently revised, the main aim of the seminar was to provide the participants with an overview of the new Guidelines and discuss the ways of how the new provisions can be put into practice in the field.

The seminar was also an opportunity to present the new role of the JTF under the Guidelines, including formulation of new projects, conduct of kick-off trainings for UNDP COs and EU Delegations, and supporting project visibility which now includes establishing uniform websites for all electoral assistance projects with EU funding.

But most importantly, the seminar was an opportunity for the field staff from both organizations to meet and, in a frank and open environment, discus some of the most relevant issues such visibility, reporting and project management.

It should be noted that one issue where a clear consensus was reached is the value of establishing formal and informal communication channels between the two organizations in the field as well as HQ.

In addition to global discussion, EU and UNDP field staff delivered joint presentations on the projects in several countries including Afghanistan, Guinea and Nepal which highlighted not only the project themselves, but also joint cooperation at the field level.

The participants from both organizations praised the seminar, as it established new channels of communications between EUDs, Country Offices and the JTF in Brussels, and called for future similar events.